1. How can I apply for a job at Lupus Films?

We advertise for specific roles via our social media accounts, and also on the Animation Base and Hiive websites. We regularly work alongside Creative Skillset and Creative Access and run an extensive training program for suitable candidates, who are recommended via the aforementioned organisations. We cannot respond to unsolicited enquiries due to the volume of applications received.

2. Do Lupus Films offer work experience placements and internships?

We do not offer short-term work experience placements unfortunately, however we do run an extensive training program in partnership with Creative Skillset and Creative Access, with positions advertised via the Animation Base and Hiive websites.

3. How can I submit a project for consideration by Lupus Films?

We develop our own content or work alongside established properties for further development. We do not respond to unsolicited submissions as we have a large development slate already.

4. Where can I watch content produced by Lupus Films?

Our content is broadcast in over 150 territories worldwide, so please check your TV guide, local broadcaster websites and social media channels. You can find various highlight reels and other selected content via our Productions page on this website.

5. Where can I buy merchandise from shows Lupus Films have produced?

Lupus Films don’t sell any merchandise directly, and instead work alongside recognised licensing and merchandise partners for each production. Any commercially available merchandise for our productions can be found via most established online and high street retailers.

6. I’d like to use an image or clip from one of your shows, who do I ask?

If you are interested in using any content produced by Lupus Films please email info@lupusfilms.com with your request and one of the team will get back to you.